5 Tips to Instantly Increase Your Curb Appeal

You might not think about it, but people’s first impression of your home or residence is going to be based on the exterior of your home. That is, unless you figure out a way to teleport someone directly into your living room, right in front of that conversation piece on the coffee table. But until that day occurs, we wanted to list some ways that you can boost the exterior aesthetics of your home. Next time you look at the outside of your home, ask yourself if any of these steps will help spiffy up your situation.

Paint Your Door

A little bit of an investment here will go a long way. A can of paint will generally cost you under  $30 a gallon. Painting your door can instantly add brightness and revive your place of residence. Pick a bold color that makes a statement, but be sure that your color of choice matches with the rest of the colors on your house. Get creative with cool turquoise, bright yellow, bright red, or set the mood with indigo. Even switching up your color palate to lime green will add new life and flavor to your front door, which we might all take a little bit for granted from time to time.

Take a Good Look at Your Mailbox

We’re not telling you to invest in one of those custom deals that end up being scale models of your actual home, but adding a new mailbox or revamping your old one is a good way to boost curb appeal. New mailboxes start at around $20. When installing your mailbox, be sure to follow city and community regulations. This is a quick measure you can take to boost aesthetic value that only takes about an hour or two.

Plant a Tree

For your tomorrow and for your home’s tomorrow. Planting a tree is one of the easiest, most common ways to add curb appeal to your home. Before planting, make sure you research how big the tree will get and how that outcome could potentially affect your house. Your neighbors will thank you. If your accommodations allow it, try planting two trees that will frame your entryway.

Upgrade Your House Numbers

Don’t be one of those houses with barely legible house numbers. What happens if you throw a get together and nobody can tell which house is yours? Old or faded house numbers are out this year, so purchase some new ones to instantly enhance your curb appeal. Pro tip: try to match up your new house numbers with your exterior light fixture finishes. Simple house numbers start at a couple of dollars. Customized plaques can run you more around $50-$100.

Replace or Refurbish Your Exterior Lighting

Replace bulbs in order to increase visibility, but also think about buying new light fixtures for your home’s exterior. It’s a good idea to consider both style of home and light functionality while choosing fixtures and bulbs as well. Adequately lighting your entryway makes it look better and also makes your home more safe. Make sure the new fixtures have the same mounting system as your current light fixtures so that you don’t create an extra step for yourself. Exterior light fixtures start at around $20 and increase in price, depending on quality. If you have some spare time, take a look at the salvage shops — you could end up finding a vintage gem that matches the age and style of your home.

We hope some of this helps. For any more tips to make your home shine call Marianna’s Cleaning Co. today.

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