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Cleaning the Interior of the Car

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Cleaning the Interior of the Car

You spend a lot of time in the car every day. Between getting to and from work, heading to the store for groceries, taking the kids to school and picking them up from extracurriculars, and just going out outings for run, it can sometimes seem like its your second home. With all that activity, its no wonder things can start collecting on the floor, the seats, and in the trunk. Smudges and stains can accrue on every surface, and dont even get started on the crumbs and spills left from drive-thru snacking.

You make sure to keep your house tidy, with some help from the Mariannas team. So why shouldnt your car get the same treatment? Take some time to clean out the inside of your car. Once you do, your second home will look and feel brand new!

To begin, gather anything large and loose. Have a trash bag handy to collect junk. Be sure to check everywhere, especially if you have kids. You never know where a tissue or a string cheese wrapper might hide! You will also want to remove anything that really doesnt belong in the car, such as clothing items and toys. Its okay to have one or two of these items in case of emergency, but you should not have enough in there to make your car look like the floor of a messy kids bedroom.

Once the area is clear of debris, bring on the vacuum. A shop vacuum with a chisel head is an ideal way for picking up all the tiny bits of dirt and food hiding between the seats and in hard-to-reach places. Youll also want cleaning cloths to wipe away the dust the builds up around your steering wheel and on the dashboard, not to mention to clean up windows and wipe down any hard surfaces.

Greasy fingerprints and smudges can obscure windows. Just as you would in the house, use a glass cleaner on them. Use those cleaning cloths to buff away any mess and leave those windows streak-free.

If this all seems pretty straightforward, we have a few things in mind you may not have thought of. Those rubber mats on your floor that you use to keep muddy footprints off your cars carpet can be wiped down with soap and water. Upholstery cleaner can be applied to the seats and floor to bring out the best in these surfaces. Once you vacuum away the foam, your seats and floors will look better than they have in years. We also recommend tracking down some dashboard cleaner, which does not harm the plastic components while bringing out a brilliant shine. You can also use this on those rubber mats to help protect them from future grime.

Once youve finished with all the hard work, put the finishing touches on your work. Spray your favorite air freshener in the interior of your car to give it a fresh, clean smell. Or, if you prefer, find your favorite scent of car freshener at your local store. Bonus points if its in a cute shape, like a tree or a cat!

Once youre done, take a good look. Enjoy the sight of a job well done. To help keep your car looking great, consider using car organizers for your belongings and placing a small trash can or two where you and your passengers can easily reach them. And dont forget to keep the outside clean to match!

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