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While the kitchens and bathrooms are major items on our checklist, the rest of the rooms in your home receive no less attention or care. If you have wooden furniture or floors, we bring out the best polishing tools. These include our brand-name products and soft microfiber towels.

Our service teams are also mindful to disinfect any areas with common handling. This includes light switches, door knobs, drawer handles, and cabinet lids. We do not leave behind just a clean house, but one that is free of infectious germs.

In each room, the beds will be made, shelves dusted, desks spot-cleaned, and mirrors polished. We use our surgical-grade towels to do this, which ensures noticeable results. As mentioned previously, being green is one of our trademarks, which is why we use the most efficient and least intrusive products. We want you to feel comfortable and breathe easy in your clean, picturesque room.

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