What Makes a Cleaning Service Green?

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In this day and age, it’s not only important to offer a great service or product at a competitive price, but it’s also vital to have ethical business practices, maintain a great social media presence, and also to achieve and uphold “green” standards. So what does that mean?, you might be asking yourself.

Making the responsible choice to go with a green cleaning service comes with many distinct advantages that not only you and yours can enjoy, but your community and environment as well. Benefits include air quality, safety, and enhanced environmental accountability. Here’s a few ways that we try to make sure that we deliver not only the most effective results, but also the most eco-friendly results:

  • Superior Air Quality

According US Environmental Protection Agency, indoor air pollution is about 10 times more harmful than outdoor air pollution. Any health issue brought on by air pollution could likely be the result of compromised air quality occurring within the home.

  • Environmental safety

Take a look on the shelves at your grocery store. You’d be surprised to find that many cleaning products contain harmful ingredients to the environment. Watch out for ingredients like:

  • Ammonia
  • Bleach
  • Phenol

Using a natural floor cleaner is a far better choice. In the unlikely event that these ingredients are ingested, they are not toxic.

  • Environmental accountability

Bio-Vert.com asserts that 82,000 oil barrels can be saved annually by businesses and individuals switching away from petroleum-based cleaning products and solutions. Trading out a chemical cleaner to a plant-based alternative will save enough to fill a year’s worth of gas for approximately 7,500 drivers.

How Can We Be Green?

Using “Green Seal Certified” products is largely applauded among environmental advocates. GSC products are considered healthy for the environment. Green Seal was conceived back in 1989, distinguishing natural from man-made chemicals. Top notch cleaning companies use products that contain the GSC label. Progressive companies often make it a requirement that they use only products with GSC symbol.

Requirements differ for different aspects of a cleaning business, from transport truck cleaners to cleaning products used. There’s over 50 categories to choose from.

DIY Green Cleaning Tips

Using natural products around the house to clean (like lemons or vinegar) can be a huge help to the environment, working as well as (or better than) store-bought cleaning products. Many of these products are safe and adhere to just about anybody’s standards of what a “green” service entails.

Other common natural cleaning, plant-based products contain argan oil or coconut oil (body and hair cleaners included). Ingredients natural cleaners specifically don’t include are acid, ammonia, or any other type of solution that can irritate the eyes or lungs.

Contact Marianna’s today to learn more about our amazing cleaning service. Call us if you need a professional, eco-friendly house cleaning in a pinch, or if you need a professional house cleaning service on a regular basis.

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